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April 02, 2007

Master server went down for a small upgrade. The service break was a few minutes but all players got disconnected.
A message to all the beginners:
If you want to create an own server, then you should play on another port than 10026. You can change this in the Options tab.
Another thing is that you need to wait before all players have joined a game before it starts. If slots are 2/4 it means you need two more players to join before a game can start.
Last important thing is if you are behind a router and the game doesn't work, you should port forward the port you have specified in Options tab. For example, if using the default port (which is 10026), so make the router forward port 10026 (udp) to the computer you are playing at.
// Aph0

March 29, 2007

Version 1.0.9 released!

Many small features and bugfixes have been made since last version. For those who are concerned about what has happened since last version, here is the changelog
Today's greetings goes to MiDiaN, who made the new logo. Also vender should be mentioned again, since he is the first player that crossed the 2000-rating limit.

March 15, 2007

Welcome! Finally we are here! Version 1.0.8 is released and beta period has ended. This means that the game now is open for the public. Play the game immediately by clicking this link.

For new players it is recommended to read through the beginners guide or check out the learn to play section. If you want to be part of the stats pages, you should sign up (for free). You just sign up once and you will have lifetime access to all game servers that generates stats.
Today's greetings goes to vender, who is the best rated player at the moment.
// Aph0

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